A low angle shot looking up at Addison, who is dressed in a suit 和 smiling at the camera, in front of 该 high school he teaches at

You may have seen him on the TV in 该 latest 进入教学 campaign, talking about a typical day for him at 贝德福德高中 莱。

艾迪生·布朗 graduated from 篮球比分直播 in 2017 after studying a PGCE在中学理科(生物学) 有了合格的教师身份。

The 27-year-old teacher from Stoke-on-Trent spoke to Edge Hill about his influences, motivations 和 experiences.

艾迪生,你在全国明星 进入教学广告502 Bad Gateway-篮球比分直播 

My mum is a teacher and has always been enthusiastic about teaching, 和 I remember when I was a kid, my sports coaches showed that